How to Cope Up Shifting With Your Old Parents

Shifting is an energy consuming task. We young generation somehow manages to cope up with it, but when it’s the question of shifting with old parents that the situation is totally different. They are at the stage when change is the biggest phase of their life. They are less adjustable and less adaptable as well. Therefore you always have to stand by their side when they encounter such situation. Though sometimes you may face their arrogance, but you are supposed to remain calm and not to loose your temperament at that point of time.


First of all you have to make them rely on you and this decision of shifting. You have to confront them with the situation why this change is necessary for them. Once they are ok with that, now there comes the portion of packing. You are supposed to pack their stuff, but of course in their presence and after their approval.  Pack the relevant thing that they need the most and get rid of the waste. But here you have to remember that they are much attached with their belongings therefore every thing should be done as per their grants. If they are undergoing any treatment, then consult their physician to get a brief medical history so that in the new place they may not face any medical complications. Take required medicine in stock to cope up with any medical emergency. And at the last once you and your old parents are in the new destination, stand by their side till they adjust properly in the new environment. Enroll them in yoga, meditation or any such classes, where they can meet and interact in people of their ages.


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